Liberal Studies

The Bachelor of Arts, Liberal Studies majors and minors are available to students whose primary interest in the arts and humanities transcends traditional departmental boundaries. The program offers students an opportunity to devise an approved, coherent program of study both fulfilling academic and career goals.

Since the program is a student-designed course selection will vary by student. The program offers students an opportunity to devise an approved, coherent program of study to fulfill academic or career goals. Specialized "tracks" are also established in areas with pre-approved plans of study.  

The program also combines educational opportunities designated as Liberal Arts PLUS through partnering Certificates & Opportunities to provide you with Career Ready Essential Skills, which are considered educational enhancements for any program leading to enhanced career placement.  Liberal Arts PLUS is available to any student in any degree plan,

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My past and current academic subjects of interest are Graphic Design, History, Communications, Marketing, Film, and Asian Studies. By the time I graduate with a Bachelor’s degree, I wish to have the fundamental hard-skills necessary for a successful career in Computer-Assisted Design (CAD) and the essential soft-skills with strong academic knowledge in History and Communications.

Liberal Studies Large Plan Major - 65 credits

The Liberal Studies majors and minor are designed for students whose primary interest lies in a variety of areas within the arts and humanities and requires interdepartmental course selections, which are not possible within single academic programs or established curricula. 

Major Requirements / Road Map

Liberal Studies Small Plan Major - 45 credits

A second major or minor is required when completing this program pathway

Major Requirements / Road Map

Liberal Studies Minor - 30 credits

Major Requirements / Road Map