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Tutee Application

   This application will be given to your advisor and will not be processed until approval is obtained from him/her.

(e.g. CHEM 181)


Place a check mark in hours you are NOT available, including all commitments (job, club meetings, etc.).

TimeCourse Name (e.g. PSY101),jobs, other CommentsMTWTHFINSTRUCTOR


Please Provide the following information:

Course Information

* Please note that the tutoring program receives a large number of tutoring requests at the beginning of each quarter. These requests are attended to in the order that they are received. In certain cases, we may not be able to provide a tutor if no tutor employed by our department has successfully completed the course for which you need tutoring.

Student Agreement

Please read carefully.
I understand that all of the information on this tutee application will be given to, or seen by, your advisor, the assigned tutor, and/or the tutoring office staff.

I agree to attend all classes and to take detailed lecture notes for the course in which I am tutored.

I agree to meet with my instructor regularly. (Your instructor should be your prime source for assistance.)

I agree to prepare for tutoring sessions by reading textbook chapters and working on homework problems and other assignments before each tutoring session. I understand that a pattern of arriving unprepared will result in discontinuation of free tutoring privileges.

I agree to follow through on study goals set by my tutor and me at the end of each tutoring session.

I agree to inform my tutor if the course instructor will grade an assignment that we are working on together.

I agree to a commitment of two tutoring sessions per week. Exceptions (either more or less tutoring time) will need the approval of the tutor coordinator.

If I have to miss a tutoring session, I agree to contact the tutoring office AND the tutor beforehand (one day's notice preferred).

I understand that tutoring privileges may be forfeited for the quarter if I have more than four total absences, only one of which can be a no-show (absence without notification).

I understand that showing up but not staying for a tutoring session "because there's nothing to work on" will count as an absence.


By clicking the SUBMIT box below, you understand and agree to all of the above statements.

If you have any problems completing this application, please call:
Janine Graves, Tutor Coordinator
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