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Learning Support Services

Telephone Consultations

  • Email the writing consultant to request an appointment (
  • Suggest at least two possible times you would be available for a phone consultation.
  • When the consultant replies to tell you when your appointment will be, you should email her the following items:
    A draft of your paper (as a Word attachment)
    A description of your assignment (either as an attachment or in the text of your email)
    Your instructors name and the number and title of the course you're taking (in the text of your email)
    Your phone number (in the text of your email)
  • When the consultant calls, you should have a printed draft of your paper in front of you. You should have a pen in your hand, and you should be ready to take notes as you and your consultant read your paper together.
  • If this is your first consultation, you must be prepared to tell the consultant your student ID number.

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