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Peer-Assisted Learning (PALs)

Peer-Assisted Learning. Brought to you by The Learning Commons. Think, connect, learn, share, succeed.


PALs Tutoring Groups are learning communities, focused on a specific course and section, where students practice positive study habits, learn new study skills/strategies, get to know their classmates, and strengthen their understanding of class content. PALs groups will meet for 50 minutes, twice a week, led by a trained Group Facilitator. Group Facilitators are CWU students who have successfully completed the course with a 3.25 or higher. PALs sessions will include an overview of key concepts for that week, problem-based group activities and practice problems, test preparation, and study skills/strategies.

Fall 2018 Schedule:

For location information, see the library's floor map

Course & Faculty

CHEM 111 - Swain
KianaTW, 4-4:50pmLib. ARC
CHEM111 RicketsonLisaMW 4-4:50pmFishbowl
CHEM 111 - SoreyKianaWTh, 5-5:50pmLib. ARC
CHEM 181 - BormanKaylaW 7-7:50pmLib. ARC
CHEM 181 WairegisAshley N.M 6-6:50pm, Th 7-7:50pmLib. ARC
CHEM181 RicketsonLisaMW 5-5:50pmFishbowl
CHEM 181 - SwainKaylaW 8-9pmLib. ARC
ECON 201 - WassellKateT 7-7:50pm, Fri 10-10:50amLib. ARC
ENGL 320 - SchnelleXyliaMW 6-6:50PMLib. ARC
GEOL 101 - BendanaLisaTTh 6-7:50pmGEO Lab
GEOL 101 - FenglerLisaTTh 6-7:50pmGEO Lab
Math 100B -VanjenstzenSeeyoungTTh 4-4:50pmLib. ARC
Math 100 B - PruisCortneavaries, check with instructortbd
Math100C VanjentzenSeeyoungWTH 2-4pmFishbowl
Math 100 C - PruisAkiratbdtbd
Math B/C RichardsxCheck with instructorx
Math 101, 130  - WalterJeffT 5-6:50pmLib. ARC
Music 144tbd  
Music 244tbd  
PHYS 121 RicketsonMohammedW 6-8pmLib. ARC
PHYS 181 - WhiteJeffM 5-7pmLib. ARC
PHYS 181 - KuwadaGriffinW 6-8pmLib. ARC
PSY 362 FallshoreKyleM 3-3:50pm, W 1-1:50pmFishbowl, LIB Floor 2
PSY 362 MathesonAshley M. W 4-6pmLib. ARC
PSY 362 - BeemanHalleTTh 5-6pmLib. ARC
PSY 362 - BuchananAshley M.T 3-4pm, Th 11-12pmLib. ARC


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