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Predication Quiz

Directions: Indicate whether the following sentences contain faulty predication or whether they are logical.

Sample SentancesAnswers
1. The reason that she passed the class proves that studying does make a difference.
2. A contagious disease is a person who has the flu.
3. Another situation when I get embarrassed is the professor who always calls on me in class.
4. The library is a place where students can study.
5. The tutoring lab is when you can get help with writing assignments.
6. The use of that word is inappropriate and should not be used.
7. The author explains the effects of malnutrition on the development of the brain.
8. His paper was the best of all that were presented at the conference.
9. Where new drivers make mistakes is when they don't check their mirrors before changing lanes.
10. Ellensburg, a town in Central Washington, holds a huge rodeo every year.


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