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College Level Mathematics Entrance Test Scores

Entrance test scores needed for placement into Math 101, 102, 130, 164 are:

  • SAT score 500+
  • ACT score 19+

If a student does not have one of these scores they must take the COMPASS Test. If they do not achieve passing scores on the COMPASS, they will be placed in a University Math Center developmental course. Passing COMPASS Test score is:

  • COMPASS Pre-Algebra: 50+
  • COMPASS Algebra: 26+

Please note: Students wishing to circumvent the developmental courses (Math 100) will only be allowed two tries at the COMPASS test at CWU before they must enroll in a 100 level class. COMPASS tests taken at other valid locations and transferred back to CWU are not limited.

Entrance test scores needed for placement into Math 153 or above are listed here:

Test Scores


Subject areas to study


  • Information on what the COMPASS test covers and the type of problems that will be asked can be found at:

Test information from CWU Testing Services

Math Placement Test

  • Practice problems for the intermediate and advanced forms of the Math Placement Test can be found at:


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