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Placement FAQ

I did not score high enough on my SAT, ACT or COMPASS to get into Math 101 so how do I know what math class to take?

All Math 100 level classes require registration through Academic Advising. To be advised regarding placement and/or to register for a Math 100 course, please see your Academic Advisor. Through a short discussion of past math performances and future goals, the best placement may be found for each student.

I am a freshman advisor. Where do I find advising information on SAT/ACT scores as they relate to math placement?

The placement page should give you the needed information as well as charts to help you advise your students on their math placement. For admittance to Math 100A, B, or C, see your Academic Advisor.

The MyCWU system tells me I need a permission code to get into a math class. Where do I go or who do I call?

Because there are three levels of Math 100 and proper placement is essential, advising from an Academic Advisor is required. This is part of the reason for the permission code. Please stop by Academic Advising for information regarding advising appointments and registration.

What is the difference between Math 100A, B, and C?

Please view the syllabi for each of these courses. In general, Math 100A is Pre-Algebra, Math 100B is Introductory Algebra, and Math 100C is Intermediate Algebra.

I have registered for a Math 100 class. Is there any way to know specifically what's expected of me so I can brush up before classes begin?

Please see the syllabi for the Math 100 classes. By reading through the documents, you should get a 'feel' for the subject matter being covered.

My SAT/ACT/COMPASS test scores were not high enough for me to get into Math 101 but I need to take a lot of math for my major. Do I have to take Math 100B?

Building a foundation of basic mathematic functions and algebra is your best option especially if you are going to need more than Math 101 for your major. Math 100B is a good place to start and if your scores do not qualify you for 101, that would suggest this is the appropriate level for you. If you feel you have better math skills than your test scores indicate, you are welcome to speak with an Academic Advisor about placement options.

I had Pre-Calculus in high school. Why can't I register for it at Central?

Before enrolling a student in Pre-Calculus or Calculus, the math department wants to test a student's skills for placement into the appropriate class. For more information on test dates and requirements, contact the Testing office at 509-963-1847 or

We recommend taking the COMPASS test. This information can be found here:

Test information from CWU Testing Services