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Parallelism Quiz

Directions: Decide whether the following sentences contain parallel forms or forms that need revision.

Sample SentencesAnswers
1. I looked for my homework in my car, in my room, and in the library.
2. While in Europe, I traveled to Italy, to France, and rode the train to Spain.
3. We cleaned our apartment, studied for our finals, and the movie was later that night.
4. I am studying Spanish, Russian, and French.
5. I enjoy biking, swimming, and the museum.
6. He was scolded for being late, forgetting his uniform, and because he left the storage room door open.
7. They use the truck to haul lumber and for commuting.
8. I sold my stereo, my bed, and my desk before I moved.
9. Not only does she act in films, but writes screenplays as well.
10. The election results were surprising and a disappointment.

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