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Learning Commons

Other Campus Tutoring Resources

Most departments offer avenues for additional help. This list is not necessarily comprehensive. Contact the department or your professor directly for a complete list of academic support services available for your course.

Tutorial ServiceCoursesContact
Accounting Help LabAcct 251, 252Accounting Dept. at (509) 963-3340
Anthropology review sessions and teaching assistants (all have office hours)Some 100-level Anth coursesAnthropology Dept. at (509) 963-3201
Chemistry teaching assistants (all have office hours)Most chemistry coursesChemistry Dept. at (509) 963-2811
Computer Science Club Tutoring ServiceCS coursesComputer Science Dept. at (509) 963-1495
Economics review sessions and TA help sessionsSome 100- and 200-level Econ coursesEconomics Dept. at (509) 963-2664
Foreign Languages tutoring sessions100- and 200-level foreign language coursesForeign Language Dept. at (509) 963-1218
History volunteer help (arranged through course instructor)100-level History coursesHistory Dept. at (509) 963-1655
SMARTHINKING Online TutoringMath, statistics, accounting, finance, economics, physics, biology, Spanish, chemistryAcademic Achievement Programs at (509) 963-2131
Supplemental InstructionSpecific math, science, statistics, and other courses. See current course list.Academic Achievement Programs at (509) 963-2131
University Math CenterMath courses or courses involving mathU. Math Center at (509) 963-1834
University Writing CenterCourses involving writingU. Writing Center at (509) 963-1296
University Writing Center - LynnwoodCourses involving writingSandra Linsin, (509) 963-3792
University Writing Center - Des MoinesCourses involving writingAnne Joiner, (509) 963-3827