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Learning Support Services

Online Majors

CWU Online Tutoring: Learning Support Services (OLSS) provides one-on-one writing tutoring for students enrolled in online majors and those who attend our university centers.Writing tutors are available seven days a week, Monday through Sunday.

Online Learning Support Services offers several types of online sessions:

1. Email consultations: Email a draft of your paper as a Word doc attachment, along with your instructor's directions, to for review.  A tutor will read your paper, make helpful notes in the margin, and will often record a screen-cast video for your review.  The tutor will not edit or correct your paper or predict the grade you will receive; however, we will give you constructive feedback that will help you generate ideas and improve your writing skills. Please allow a 48 hour response time for online feedback.


For all email requests, please include your student ID, CWU email address (we will not accept gmail, yahoo, etc.), class standing (junior, senior, etc.), registered campus/online, major, languages spoken, course #, and professor.


2. Skype  - Please add CWU-UWC to your Skype contacts, then email to arrange a time for a Skype consultation.


3. Phone  - limited phone consultations are available through the Des Moines Writing Center. Please email to arrange for a phone appointment.


4. Canvas "Online Tutoring: Learning Support Services"  -  University Center and Online students are automatically enrolled in  "Online Tutoring: Learning Support Services (OLSS)," which can be found under their Canvas course list. Features of the Canvas OLSS include 


Discussion Boards - Throughout the quarter, the OLSS tutors may open up student discussion boards in the Canvas course that relate to commonly asked questions, such as APA formatting or research tips. Tutors and peers may log into the threaded discussion boards at any time to post related questions and answers or to review others' comments. Students in the OLSS will automatically receive a Canvas notification when a new discussion section is opened.

Chat - If you have a quick question that can be answered in a few sentences or less, you can post a question to the OLSS chat room. Chat is only available when a writing tutor is online. Instructions for chat can be found on the OLSS Canvas home page.

Writing Modules - Visit the course modules for helpful tips and video tutorials.

If you have additional questions about the OLSS tutoring services, please email us at or call 206-439-3800 x3827.

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