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Learning Commons

Online Consulting

The Central Washington University Learning Commons Writing Center is excited to provide one-on-one online consultations for our online students and/or those enrolled at one of our university centers. There are two types of online appointments available:

1. Email appointments: You send a draft of your paper, along with your instructor's directions, to the Writing Center.  A tutor reads your paper, makes notes, and records a screen-cast.  You receive the tutor's notes and a link to the screen-cast. (Note: email appointments are available only to students at the University Centers and to students enrolled in online classes.) 

2.  Skype appointments: The tutor views your document live, watching you make changes as you talk via video, audio, or text chat.

To make your appointment for an online consultation:

Ellensburg: call (509) 963-2170 or email

Eastside Campuses (Ellensburg, Wenatchee, Yakima, and Moses Lake): call 509.963.1270 or email
Westside campuses (Des Moines, Kent, Pierce, Lynnwood, and Everett): email

Set-up Instructions

PC Users:

  1. Download software: