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Dangling and Awkward Modifiers Quiz

Directions: Decide if the sentences below contain a dangling or misplaced modifier. Then click on the button next to the problem sentence to view the answer.

Sample SentencesAnswers
1. Last summer I bought a car from a man with 4-wheel drive.
2. Walking downtown yesterday, John saw Mary by the pharmacy.
3. After driving six hours, the concert was canceled.
4. If spicy, I'll eat anything.
5. Excited about her new job, Stephanie called her mother.
6. Snuggling in the pink bassinet, the mother thought her baby was asleep.
7. After completing the exam, Maya felt relieved.
8. I have a coffee stain on my shirt that cannot be removed.
9. After running six miles, Heather was exhausted.
10. After cleaning the house, my dog wanted to go for a walk.


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