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Mechanics Quiz

Directions: Complete the sentences below. Click on the box next to the appropriate word(s).

Sample SentencesAnswers
1. I live in Washington, but I grew up in ____________.
new jersey or New Jersey
2. The final exam will be next __________.
thursday or Thursday
3. The __________ of the United States is visiting New Mexico this week.
president or President
4. My favorite book is __________.
"Love in the Time of Cholera" or Love in the Time of Cholera
5. Our science class is studying the creation of the spaceship __________.
Challenger or "Challenger"
6. The final exam will be on __________.
Tues. or Tuesday
7. I began my research by reading the first __________ of the scientific report.
Chap. or chapter
8. I live at __________ Falton Avenue.
twenty-nine or 29
9. Each student received above a __________ .
seventy percent or 70 percent
10. __________ students enrolled in the course.
25 or Twenty-five

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