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Math Placement

Guidelines for Placement in Appropriate Math Levels

Developmental Math Courses

  • For appropriate placement into:
    • Math 100A, Math 100B or Math 100C courses, please speak with your Academic Advisor.

College Level Math Courses

 Math 101, 102, 130, 164
COMPASS50+ on Pre-Algebra or 26+ on Algebra
Math 100BC or Better

Students wishing to circumvent the developmental courses (Math 100) will only be allowed two tries at the COMPASS test at CWU before they must enroll in a 100 level class. COMPASS tests taken at other valid locations and transferred back to CWU are not limited.

Math 153COMPASS score of 66+ on Algebra or 31+ on College Algebra
Intermediate Math Placement Test: 18+
Pass 100C with a C or better
One year high school calculus with a B or better
Math 154COMPASS score of 46+ on College Algebra or 31+ on Trigonometry
Advanced Math Placement Test: 17+
Pass 153 with a C or better
Math 172

COMPASS score of 46+ on Trignometry
Advanced Math Placement Test: 19+
Pass 154 with a C or better