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About Tutoring Services

Qualifying for Free Tutoring

Students participating in the following programs are eligible to apply for free one-on-one tutoring:

If you are a participant in one of the above programs, see your program advisor to apply for tutoring. If you need assistance but are not a participant in one of the above programs, click on the following links:

Private Tutor Referral Form

The Tutor Coordinator will send an email out to the eligible tutors. One of these tutors will call you and make arrangements and negotiate the charge with you A.S.A.P. Academic Achievement Program serves as a referral source only. All financial arrangements are made outside the responsibility of CWU. Private tutors usually charge between $10 and $12 per hour. Private tutoring sessions cannot occur in the Academic Achievement Programs office or tutoring rooms and should always take place in a public location during daylight hours.

Supplement Instruction

By clicking on "Supplemental Instruction" on the left hand bar, you will be able to read all about "SI" and link to the schedule of all group sessions across our campus. SI, Drop-In Tutoring, and Study Group sessions are free to all CWU students. The quarter schedule is usually posted by the third week.

Khan Academy Online Tutorials

By clicking on the "Online Tutorials" on the left hand bar, you will have access to over 2,000 tutorials in various subjects: math, chemistry, and biology to mention a few. Most of these tutorials are in range of 10 to 15 minutes in length.

Smarthinking Online Tutoring

By clicking on "Smarthinking Online Tutoring" or on the left hand bar, you will have access to tutoring when you need it (24/7 on most popular subjects like math and writing). The Smarthinking E-structor® Certified tutors are seasoned educators, most with advanced degrees in their fields, taken from a national/international pool of tutors.

Visit your Professor- the number one source for information!

Most professors are more than happy to give extra assistance to students and may be aware of other resources. Even if your schedule conflicts with your professor's office hours, most professors are willing to make an appointment when it is convenient for you.

Other Tutoring Resources

By clicking on the "Other Campus Tutoring Resources" on the left hand bar, you will see contact numbers for various departments.

Becoming a Tutor

The Tutoring Program hires student employees. Tutors must have received a B+ or better grade in a particular class or classes to be eligible to tutor. For a job description see our listing on the Student Employee Job Board. For an application, see "Tutoring Program Forms" flag on the left hand bar.