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Become one of the 12 CCLP students

The Cross-Cultural Leadership Program (CCLP) is a cohort of 12 students who are passionate about diving deep into different cultural backgrounds, developing personal leadership skills and styles, as well as exploring the relationship between leadership and culture.

The Cross-Cultural Leadership cohort hosts bi-weekly meetings intended to be educational, empowering, and self-discovering. At the end of spring quarter, the cohort will attend a spring emersion experience to gain first hand experience in a new and diverse culture. The cohort will challenge themselves to apply all their knowledge from previous meetings throughout the quarter to the new culture experience. During the spring emersion experience, the cohort will vlog and blog their personal thoughts, feelings, and experiences daily. The vlogs and blogs will be posted each night right here on the CLCE website for fellow students, parents, and community members to keep up with the cohort through their experience.

Does it cost money to be in the Cross-Cultural Leadership Program?

There are no initial costs if you are accepted into the program.  Cohort members will be fundraising several months leading up to the spring immersion experience to minimize costs of the trip. 

What time are the bi-weekly meetings? How long are the meetings? Where are the meetings held?

The bi-weekly meeting times are determined by the cohort. Class schedules, work schedules, and prior commitments will be considered when the cohort determined meeting times. Meetings will be approximately two hours long. The meetings will be held in SURC 256 (the CLCE).

How much added work/commitment should I be expecting to add to my quarterly responsibilities?

The cohort spends about 3 hours outside of the 2 hour meetings doing research, making culture specific foods, and reading assigned books/articles. The CCLP cohort engages in a variety of fundraisers throughout the year and members should also expect to connect with professors, family members, friends, and more. We work together to successfully manage our time and leverage our team in peak seasons!

When does the Cross-Cultural Leadership Program begin? How long is the program?

If selected into the Cross-Cultural Leadership Program kicks off in October with a fall retreat. During the 1-day, all day retreat, all information will be given in depth about the program, along with team bonding and brainstorming about the program and fundraising. CCLP continues all year long and ends with the spring emersion program during spring break. During spring quarter, the cohort will prepare and prep for presenting at SOURCE.

If you are interested in learning more about leadership and how it influences different culture, please consider applying for the Cross-Cultural Leadership Program! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact or stop by the CLCE office in SURC 256.