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This survey asks you to provide observations about the person who invited you to take this survey on their behalf. Please complete a SEPARATE SURVEY FOR EACH person for whom you have been requested.

Instructions: The following questions ask about this person’s performance. When thinking about this particular person’s performance, please indicate the degree to which you the following statements apply to your employee using the following scale:

Needs Much ImprovementNeeds Some ImprovementSatisfactoryGoodExcellent
Quantity of work output.
Quality of work output.
Accuracy of work.
Customer service provided (internal and external).
Obtaining personal career goals.
Developing skills needed for his/her future career.
Making progress in his/her career.
Seeking out career opportunities.
Coming up with new ideas.
Working to implement new ideas.
Finding improved ways to do things.
Creating better processes and routines.
Working as part of a team or work group.
Seeking information from others in his/her work group.
Making sure his/her work group succeeds.
Responding to the needs of others in his/her work group.
Doing things that help others when it's not part of his/her job.
Working for the "overall good of the company".
Doing things to promote the company.
Helping so that the company is a good place to be.

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