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Foundations and Theory for President's Leaders

Developing Tomorrow's Leaders Today!

President’s Leaders is based upon a three level leadership development program. Participants benefit as they progress through traditional classroom learning, complemented by leadership experiences including possibly off-campus retreats, civic-engagement projects, and mentoring relationships. Their experiences allow them to apply their knowledge and training. President’s Leaders and CLCE will work to maintain a “Leadership Transcript” for participants.  This will be a valuable addition to one’s resume and professional development. Students may complete one, two, or all three levels. Each participant, who successfully completes a program level, will have that level's badge added to their official Leadership transcripts. Earning leadership badges are a valuable addition to a student’s transcript and resume, and greatly enhances the leadership skills sought after by employers.

President’s Leaders uses five pillars of theory, each represented at each of the three program levels.

  • Experiential Learning (Co-curricular) - The program provides valuable practical leadership experiences
  • Leadership Curriculum (Curricular)- CWU's faculty delivers curriculum grounded in theory and research-based findings
  • Self-Assessment and Reflection - Each level of President's Leaders incorporates self-assessments to enable students to develop an accurate appreciation of their own personality and leader competencies. They learn to understand clearly how they are perceived by others.
  • Leadership in Action | Community Engagement - Through these experiences, students proactively engage in activities with the purpose of improving CWU’s surrounding communities.
  • Culminating (Capstone) Experiences - In order to advance to the next level, students engage in a culminating experience that requires them to demonstrate the knowledge they have learned and the skills they've mastered.

The three levels of leadership certification:

Level 1: Personal Leadership Foundation
Students learn about their own leader traits, skills, style, and personality while learning content that emphasizes basic leadership definitions, concepts, and theories. This level concentrates on stimulating self-directed leadership development with a focus on servant leadership. Here, students begin to understand and craft their individualized leadership philosophy. Level 1 brings students the opportunity to establish their individualized leadership foundation by discovering awareness, challenging themselves with critical and reflective thinking, and valuing citizenship.

Level 2: Leadership Skills & Professional Enrichment
This level provides training and education for the application and development of TEAM leadership skills. Emphasis is on enrichment of professional and relational skills by exploring collaboration and common purpose. Participants evaluate which ‘type’ of leader they are, how well they lead followers and teams, and how their behaviors and decisions influence their local community. Leader Level 2 culminates in a poster session presentation, open to all faculty and students. The presentation shares each participant’s developing leadership portfolio.

Level 3: Entrepreneurial & Organizational Leadership
In this final level, participants enhance their existing leadership skills while acquiring new competencies by initiating leader teams and projects. This level gives students the opportunity to apply their leadership training to an entrepreneurial endeavor, and emphasizes creating a lasting impact on CWU, the student body, our local or national economy, and/or a community organization. Here, participants also learn by mentoring new President’s Leaders and play a part in developing future leaders.

This final level culminates in presentations with narratives of each student's experience, leader mission statement, and entrepreneurial project description.


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