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Lead 101 - This course helps students to identify what leadership is and what leaders look like and also to develop a personal profile of their own leadership.  Students will be able to make the important distinction between leadership and what leaders do.  Also, they will examine traits, abilities, skills, and behaviors of leaders in order to reflect on where they are in their personal quest for leadership.  This class focuses on looking at oneself as a leader.

Lead 201 - Where Lead 101 had students look inward to reflect personally on the particular aspects of leaders, lead 201 takes a broader look at leadership.  This course will look at leadership and what it looks like (what do leaders do) and then have students reflect on the practices of leadership (what actions do leaders take) to develop an inventory and a plan for development as a leader.

Lead 301- Under Construction: this course will focus on team leadership and help students to prepare to lead teams. There will be both a theoretical and practical aspect of this.  Additionally it will help students to prepare for their "Capstone" experience for the program.

Lead 401- Under Construction: This course is where students submit their final plan for the Capstone Leadership Project and then bring their plan to completion.

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