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Authentic Leadership

Instructions: Keep in mind that you are evaluating the SAME person referred to in the previous section. The following survey items refer to the person’s style, as you perceive it.  Judge how frequently each statement describes him/her using the following scale:

Not at AllOnce in a WhileSome timesFairly OftenFrequently if Not Always
Says exactly what (s)he means.
Admits mistakes when they are made.
Encourages everyone to speak their mind.
Tells you the hard truth.
Displays emotions exactly in line with feelings.
Demonstrates beliefs that are consistent with actions.
Makes decisions based on his core values.
Asks you to take positions that support your core values.
Makes difficult decisions based on high standards of ethical conduct.
Solicits views that challenge his/her deeply held positions.
Analyzes relevant data before coming to a decision.
Listens carefully to different points of view before coming to conclusions.
Seeks feedback to improve interactions with others.
Accurately describes how others view his capabilities.
Knows when it is time to reevaluate his/her positions on important issues.
Shows (s)he understands how specific actions impact others.

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