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Developing Tomorrow's Leaders Today!

Please take a few minutes and explore President's Leaders website.  In here you will find information about what a leader looks like (they are all different) and you will find out that every person has leadership abilities that can be built up and refined.  Here is what Dr. Gaudino  says,

My own experience growing as a leader has convinced me that leadership is an ability that can be nurtured and developed.  In fact, that's the idea behind the President's Leaders Program, which helps to provide the tools necessary to train the next generation of leaders. 

So, here on our website you will find out about the opportunities that you will have to grow as a leader.  We are excited about how this program works and believe that you will be too.  The program is based on both coursework and actually doing leadership.  The President's Leaders is offered by both the College of Business (COB) and the Center for Leadership and Civic Engagement (CLCE).  The four classes are taken in COB and the leadership experiences are hosted by CLCE and include both on campus and off campus opportunities.

President's Leaders is not for only select students or for those "traditional" leaders.  We believe that every student will benefit from learning about what a leader looks like (Lead 101), about what leaders do (lead 201),  about working as a team and developing specific skills to lead teams (Lead 301), and about leadership in organizations and completing a capstone leadership project (Lead 401) and all the while be growing your own skills by participating in leading CLCE activities and projects.  This program is designed to build leadership skills and abilities into every student that chooses to join us.  


For more information, please contact us at: or 509.963.2930.



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