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WA Supreme Court visit makes Daily Record front page

The Washington State Supreme Court's recent visit to CWU made the front page of the Daily Record! In addition to being featured on the printed paper, the article was also featured in two articles on their website:

State Supreme Court visits Central, hears oral arguments today

Central Washington University law and justice students had a rare opportunity to learn from state Supreme Court justices on Wednesday.

Several of the justices visited classes at CWU, sharing their experiences and giving students advice not only for their careers, but life in general.

The justices were scheduled to hear oral arguments for three cases today at CWU.

Read the rest on the Daily Record's site!

State Supreme Court justices hear cases at CWU

College students and community members watched the Washington state Supreme Court in action at Central Washington University on Thursday.

The court heard cases involving Western State Hospital, tribal taxes and the First Amendment at the McInytre Music Building. About 100 people watched the first case, with students filtering in and out.

The Supreme Court hears cases outside of Olympia each year as part of its education and outreach efforts. Justices visited CWU classrooms to talk with students on Wednesday, and responded to questions from the audience on Thursday.

Read the rest on the Daily Record's site!

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