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Law and Justice

College of the Sciences

Minor Requirements

Law and Justice Minor = 24 Credits

LAJ Core (Select 3 Courses)Credits
LAJ300Administration of Criminal Justice*4
LAJ302Criminal Procedure*4
LAJ303Legal Research*4
LAJ313Introduction to Criminal Law*4
LAJ400Research Methods4
LAJ401Ethics, Conflict and Diversity4
LAJ420Community and Social Justice*4
LAJ451Crime in America*4
Core Credits12
LAJ Minor Courses (Pick 3 Courses)Credits
LAJ311Family Law*4
LAJ316Introduction to Paralegal Studies*4
LAJ317Introduction to Civil Practice4
LAJ324Correctional Law*4
LAJ326Correctional Counseling4
LAJ327Community Corrections*4
LAJ332Police Community Relations4
LAJ333Police Community Administration4
LAJ334Issues in Policing4
LAJ342Juvenile Justice Process*4
LAJ350Criminal Justice and the Media*4
LAJ353Great American Trials4
LAJ402African Americans and the Constitution4
LAJ403Sexual Minorities, the Law and Justice*4
LAJ410Legal Writing*4
LAJ426Advanced Correctional Counseling4
LAJ440Basic Mediation4
LAJ450Report Writing*4
LAJ453Domestic Violence Issues*4
LAJ455Comparative Criminal Justice Systems4
LAJ459Current Issues*4
LAJ Elective from Major Courses12
Law and Justice Minor24
* Designates a course which may be offered online
Depending on course selection, it is possible to complete a minor online.


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