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The Department of Law & Justice and the College of the Sciences worked with Steve Cordero at the Parke Creek facility in Ellensburg to bring the Juvenile Rehabilitation 2019 Gang Conference to CWU in November



JR Hosts 2019 Gang Conference

DCYF staff attending the JR 2019 Gang ConferenceThe Juvenile Rehabilitation (JR) Community Safety and Wellness Committee recently hosted a conference focusing on the issue of youth in gangs. This interactive event brought together more than 80 JR parole and community facility staff from across the state.

Bringing more than 30 years of experience to the conference was subject-matter expert and keynote speaker, Gabriel Morales. Over the past three decades, Gabe has worked with local at-risk youth, provided more than 10,000 hours of classroom instruction to criminal justice workers and published more than a dozen books on understanding gangs.

At the conference, JR staff learned:

  • How gangs have evolved
  • How to prevent gang-involvement in youth
  • How to intervene with gang-involved youth
  • How to communicate with gang-involved youth

Yakima Police Department Officer Jared Nesary also spoke at the conference. Officer Nesary shared his own experience with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and the steps he took to heal. “It’s so important to ask for help,” Officer Nesary told attendees.

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