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Law and Justice

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Faculty and Staff


Veronica Cano: Assistant Professor

B.S., Physiology, University of Arizona; B.A., Sociology, University of Arizona; M.A., Social Work, Arizona State University; Ph.D., Criminology, University of Sheffield. Professor Cano has taught courses in youth justice and research methods for the social sciences at the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom and research methods at Central Washington University. Dr. Cano’s research interests include youth justice, culture, gender, and comparative research with a focus on intersectionality. Her dissertation focused on exploring the impact of ethnic identity on risk taking behaviors among Latina youth in the United States and United Kingdom. Dr. Cano currently teaches Research Methods as well as Community and Social Justice. 

Email: | Phone: 509-963-2332

Saul Chacón: Lecturer

A.A., Yakima Valley Community College; B.A. Law and Justice, Central Washington University; Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice Administration and Management, University of Alaska Fairbanks. Professor Chacon is currently pursuing a Ph.D. from Gonzaga University in Leadership studies. He has been published at the International Journal of Comparative and Applied Criminal Justice. He has served as a corrections officer and his research includes special populations in corrections, correctional law, drug trafficking organizations, and organized crime. Professor Chacon is a former Marine and served in Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Strong Resolve, and the Global War on Terrorism.

Email: | Phone: 509-963-3230

Wes Clogston: Senior Lecturer

Bachelor of Science degree, Sam Houston State University with emphasis in Police Science; Master of Science degree in Criminal Justice Management. Professor Clogston retired from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department at the rank of Regional Commander with thirty six years’ service. In addition Professor Clogston served on the adjunct staff of the University of Houston Downtown College of Public Service for nine years. Presently Professor Clogston holds a Masters Certification "Retired in Good Standing" conferred by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and Education. Specialization will be Police Management, Human Resource Management, and Investigation.

Email: | Phone: 509-963-3262 

Teresa Francis Divine: Associate Professor 

B.A., Political Science, University of New Mexico; J.D., Mississippi College School of Law; L.L.M., Criminal Law, State University of New York at Buffalo School of Law. Professor Francis is a lawyer, specializing in criminal and civil law and procedure, family law, and correctional law.

Email: | Phone: 509-963-3242 | Francis: Vitae

Paul Knepper: Professor and Chair

B.S., Social Science, University of Wisconsin at Green Bay; M.S. Criminal Justice, University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee; Ph.D. Justice Studies, Arizona State University.  Dr Knepper is a visiting professor of criminology at the School of Criminal Sciences, University of Lausanne, and a Senior Research Fellow at the South-East European Research Centre in Thessaloniki.

Email: | Phone: 509-963-3185

Robert C. Moore: Senior Lecturer

B.A., Sociology, Central Washington University; M.A., Sociology, New Mexico State University. Professor Moore has worked many years for the Washington Department of Corrections as a prison superintendent, Assistant Director, and Regional Administrator, and for the King County Department of Youth Services as the Probation Manager. His focus is in criminology and corrections.

Email: | Phone: 509-963-3875 | Moore: Vitae

Rodrigo Murataya: Professor 

A.A., Yakima Valley College; B.A., Law and Justice, Psychology Minor, Central Washington University; Master of Public Administration, International/Comparative Criminal Justice Systems, University of Washington; Ph.D., Gonzaga University, Interdisciplinary Leadership. Professor Murataya has served as a police officer and specializes in criminal law, law enforcement and comparative criminal justice with a particular focus on Mexico.

Email: | Phone: 509-963-3667 | Murataya: Vitae

Krystal E. Noga-Styron: Professor & Centers Coordinator

B.A., Political Science & Spanish, University of Illinois; M.A., Journalism & Communication Law, University of Oregon; J.D., University of Oregon. Professor Noga-Styron is a former Deputy Prosecuting Attorney and is currently appointed as Judge Pro Tempore in Lewis County, WA. Her research and teaching interests include Legal Research and Writing, Report Writing, Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Family Law, Ethics, Criminal Justice and the Media, Intellectual Property Law, Election Law, and Comparative Law.

Email: | Phone: 509-963-3889 or 509-963-3835 | Noga-Styron: Vitae

Charles E. Reasons: Professor 

Dr. Reasons is a Professor in the Department of Law and Justice at Central Washington University. He grew up in a working class family in Bremerton and was a first generation college student.  Upon graduating from East Bremerton High School, where he played football, wrestling and baseball, he was recruited by several colleges (including Central) to play football. He attended Olympic College on a football scholarship for financial (living at home) and personal (girlfriend/future wife was still in high school) reasons. At Olympic College he honed his study skills by applying the dedication and focus of his athletic experience to academic study. This is where he really got interested in the social sciences. He obtained his A.A. in 1965, receiving the Top Graduating Academic Athlete Award. He went to Linfield College on a football scholarship on the advice of his high school coach/mentor/teacher and graduated from Central Washington State College in 1967 with a B.A. in Sociology, minors in history and psychology. Given his experiences with the justice system as a youth, he focused on criminology. Subsequently, he received his M.A. in Sociology in 1968 from Ohio University and his Ph.D. in Sociology from Washington State University in 1972 .  He joined the Sociology Department at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 1972 as an Assistant Professor and moved to the University of Calgary in 1974 as an Associate Professor. At age 34, he became the youngest Full Professor in the history of the University of Calgary. He resigned his professorship in 1989 to pursue a long time goal of obtaining a law degree.  In 1992 Dr. Reasons obtained his J.D. from the University of British Columbia Law School, practicing Public Interest Law in Vancouver, British Columbia in the 1990’s. In 1997 he assumed the position of Chair of Criminal Justice at Buffalo State College and in 1999 moved to CWU as Chair of the Law and Justice Department.  His career has focused on social and legal issues and activism/social change. He has published 9 books and scores of articles and book chapters on social and legal problems in the United States and Canada, while teaching in both countries. He has authored works with both undergraduate and graduate students over his career. In 2000 he was inducted into the Olympic College Hall of Fame, while in 2010 he was inducted into the Linfield College Sports Hall of Fame, and in 2013 he received a Chief Supporter Award from the CWU student organization E.M.P.I.R.E. In 2018 Dr. Reasons was selected to received the CWU Distinguished Professor-Service award, while also being chosen for the CWU Faculty Diversity award. He has four sons and 12 grandchildren, whom he quite enjoys. 

Email: | Phone: 509-963-1779 | Reasons: Vitae

Roger Schaefer: Assistant Professor 

B.A., Criminology, University of Northern Iowa, M.S., Criminology and Criminal Justice, Indiana State University, Ph.D. Criminal Justice and Criminology, Washington State University. Before joining the faculty as CWU, professor Schaefer taught courses in institutional correction, research methods and justice in a multicultural society at Washington State University. Following the completion of his Ph.D. professor Schaefer was named associate editor for the journal of Theoretical and Philosophical Criminology. Professor Schaefer’s research interests include sex offender community supervision, correctional dynamics and discourse, and correctional program evaluation. Dr. Schaefer’s dissertation examined the continuum of care with sex offenders on community supervision in Washington State.

Email: | Phone: 509-963-3529 | Schaefer: Vitae

R. Shaffer Claridge: Lecturer

B.A. Political Science, University of Oregon; J.D. University of Oregon. Professor Claridge joined the CWU faculty after working as a senior attorney for the Florida Department of Health. He teaches a variety of courses on the law and legal processes, including legal research, legal writing, introduction to civil practice, introduction to law and justice, and great American trials. Professor Claridge's research focuses on the intersection of legal theory and procedure, and the practical realities of the legal process gleaned from social science observation and deductive research. Professor Claridge advises and coaches the CWU Mock Trial team.

Email: | Phone: 509-963-2558

Cody Stoddard: Associate Professor 

B.A., Criminal Justice Administration, Boise State University; B.S., Political Science, Boise State University; M.A., Criminal Justice Administration, Boise State University; Ph.D., Criminal Justice, University of Cincinnati. Professor Stoddard has taught policing and courts in the criminal justice system at Boise State University and court related courses at the University of Cincinnati. His dissertation focused on utilizing an ecological and organizational perspective in order to improve models explaining police decision making. His publications have appeared in Criminal Justice Journals.

Email: | Phone: 509-963-3252 | Stoddard: Vitae

Adjunct Professors

Christine Henderson:

Carolyn Thurston:

Stacy Wahl:

Scott Willis:


Emily Veitia: Secretary Supervisor

A.A., Miami Dade College; B.A., Anthropology & Sociology, Florida International University; M.S., Primate Behavior & Ecology, Central Washington University. Emily is originally from Miami, FL. 

Email: | Phone: 509-963-3219

Dalton Neiffer: Field Experience Coordinator

B.A., Law and Justice & Psychology, Central Washington University. Dalton is originally from Milton, WA. He is in his first year of the Law and Justice master's program and hopes to pursue a career in law enforcement in the future. 

Email: | Phone: 509-963-3122



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