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Law and Justice

Ellensburg LAJ Club at Stafford Creek

The LAJ Club at Stafford CreekFourteen Ellensburg LAJ Club members, accompanied by Sue and Greg Armstrong, visited the Stafford Creek Corrections Center at Aberdeen, WA on May 11th.

A tour of the facility was given by one Corrections Officer and several Corrections Counselors, and included the residential pods, industrial center, laundry, chow hall, gym, recycling station, mail room, recreation yard, and offender gardens. The maximum capacity of SCCC is 1,961; there were approximately 1,800 offenders of all custody levels at the time of the visit.

The highlight of the tour was a meeting with six offenders, most of whom were serving sentences for First Degree Murder.  One was 20 years old at the time of his offense; the remainder were younger yet. They were all a part of the Redemption Project, a program designed to build self-esteem, teach life skills, and generally make positive changes in their lives.