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Law and Justice

College of the Sciences

Congratulations to our students!!!!



We are pleased to announce that our Field Experience Program has assisted one of our students in securing a full time job. With the help of Dalton Neiffer, our Field Experience Coordinator, Icela Gonzalez was hired on as an intern with the DSHS Juvenile Rehabilitation Administration Regional Parole Office in Yakima, WA where she worked during winter quarter 2018. She was supervised by Chad Kline, a CWU Alumn, who works as a Program Manager. Mr. Kline and the rest of the office were very impressed with Ms. Gonzalez. Following the completion of her placement, she applied to the Twin Rivers Community Facility (DSHS) and was hired on to a full-time position in March 2018. She considers her field placement experience to have been a great way to get her foot in the door and to help start her career. Congratulations!!!!



Congratulations to our student, Isaac Messenger, on receiving a certificate from Dean Tim Englund for being part of the Dean's List (top 5%) during the College of the Sciences Honors Celebration!

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