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Environmental Summer Jobs for CWU Law and Justice Students!

Environment Washington is a citizen-based environmental advocacy organization that takes on issues including climate change, conservation, and public health. I'm writing to you about a summer job opportunity for your Law and Justice students or advisees.


This summer our staff will be working to save our orcas which live off the Washington Coast. Last summer, the world watched as an orca mother named Tahlequah carried her dead calf for 17 days. Our orcas are dying. Just 74 Southern Resident orcas remain today – the lowest number in 34 years, and if we don’t act fast, they will be gone forever. Thanks to public outcry, state and federal decision-makers are paying attention to the plight of our orcas. But without continued calls for action from the public, these leaders might move on to other issues. This summer, we will focus on keeping the pressure on our leaders to take bold action to save our orcas.


We're hiring students from CWU and the surrounding area as paid campaign staff to help with our citizen outreach work in Seattle this summer. If you’re interested, please contact Renee Wellman at 317-999-5213 or




The Fund for the Public Interest is seeking hard-working individuals with good communication skills and a passion for social change to fill citizen outreach and Field Manager positions across the country this summer. If you are looking to make a difference working to protect the environment and public health, gain real-world work experience and skills you can use, make money, and work with great people, then this is the job for you!


Our Mission:

The Fund for the Public Interest is a national non-profit organization that runs campaigns for America's leading environmental and social change organizations like Environment America and US PIRG. We launched the Fund in 1982 to help find ways to engage people on the most pressing problems of our day and turn that support into solutions. By having face-to-face, one-on-one conversations, we give millions of people the opportunity for their voices to be heard through petitions, emails, and small donations. This summer we will be working with Environment Washington to protect the Southern Resident Orca. Apply HERE!

Job Description:

Currently we have paid Canvasser and Field Manager positions open in 25+ cities across the country, including full-time summer positions in Seattle.



-Help the directors launch the campaign and build a team of staff

-Build membership and raise money for environmental and social change groups

-Educate and engage citizens on pressing issues

-Recruit, train, and manage a team of staff in the office and in the field

-Meet with directors each week to evaluate progress and provide input on hiring decisions, goals, and priorities

While on staff, you will gain knowledge of pressing concerns facing our country, learn how to effectively generate public support, and gain a firm understanding of the political process.

Why Apply? You should apply if you want to...

-Make a real difference on critical environmental issues

-Get experience with grassroots mobilization, fundraising and working with the media

-Gain the skills and connections needed to launch a career in non-profit, political, or grassroots organizing

-Earn money working for something you believe in. Our staff typically earn an average of $15-18/hour

-Build long-lasting relationships with a team of people from across the country who share your interests on important issues

To apply online or learn more, visit:

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