Center for Latino and Latin American Studies

The Center for Latino and Latin American Studies (CLLAS) combines an interdisciplinary academic program with a community partnership initiative to engage CWU and the surrounding community in an intensive study of Latino and Latin American peoples and cultures.

Emphasizing student success, study abroad, and community-based research, the LLAS minor fuses the usually separate fields of Latino Studies and Latin American Studies and allows students to develop a course of study based on their individual interests and needs. The academic program is enhanced by our community partnership initiative and annual series of sponsored cultural events to solidify and expand the relationship between CWU and the surrounding community, especially Washington State’s booming Latino populations.

Ultimately, the Center seeks to create a physical and intellectual space within which both University and community members can find mutual understanding, intellectual stimulation, and personal and professional enrichment.

History 488: History of Modern Mexico, Fall 2016

Dr. Jason Dormady - Professor of Mexican History, Department of History

Come and learn more about the men and women who are the heroes/heroines of Mexican History in Fall, 2016, by taking History 488: Modern Mexico. Get the story about Mexico's successes and strengths in the face of incredible odds, and learn more about the history of Mexico's Revolution, art, culture, music, economics, politics, and the courage of the average citizen. We'll even look at the complicated relationship that Mexico has with its northern neighbor and Mexico's increasing role in world affairs.

Bonus: No research papers! This course is open to all majors, and for three weeks of the course we'll be dedicated to playing a game on the Mexican Revolution - so we don't have time to write research papers - we'll be busy having fun while we learn!