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Language Literacy and Special Education

Washington State Competencies for Reading Endorsements

Below are the Washington State Elementary Education and Reading Endorsement Competencies and the CWU reading courses that align with each:

1. Knowledge and beliefs about reading (EDLT 413).

2. Diverse needs of students and teacher strategies which promote student competency and success (EDLT 411, EDLT 412).

3. Prepare a learning environment that fosters student reading/ literacy (EDLT 413, EDLT 493).

4. Teaching, comprehension and study strategies (EDLT 411, EDLT 324).

5. Writing (EDLT 413, EDLT 412).

6. Assessment and evaluation (EDLT 412).

7. Instruction and curriculum (EDLT 410, EDLT 411, EDLT 413, EDLT 321).

8. Professional development (EDLT 493).

These competencies can be found on the PESB website: