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Language Literacy and Special Education

Compass 2 Campus

Vision Statement

Compass 2 Campus fosters university and community academic collaborations that promote a college-going culture for all students, developing leaders who are empowered to create the future.

Mission Statement

To increase access to higher education by providing an opportunity for students from traditionally underrepresented and low-income backgrounds to be mentored by trained Compass 2 Campus students.


  • Increase GPA and reduce truancy among elementary and middle school students  Empower students to make good choices about their future
  • Increase C2C students’ leadership and commitment to giving back to their community.

Benefits for local schools

  • Added academic support for students
  • Assistance for teachers in classrooms- teachers are not required to evaluate or plan for students in class. Students come prepared to assist from course material.
  • Strong connections to higher education


To encourage underrepresented, first generation, low-income, diverse students starting at the fifth grade to complete high school and enroll in some form of post secondary education.

  • To provide mentors and role models for area youth using a service learning model
  • To provide fifth graders an opportunity to visit and experience a university
  • To support educational achievement through tutoring
  • To increase awareness of life options after high school
  • To provide scholarships for C2C students who graduate from high school and are admitted to Central Washington University
  • To develop teaching, communication, and leadership skills among Central Washington University student

Tour Day

Tour Day is the third week of October. Fifth graders will be coming to campus to get an idea of college life.  Volunteers can email Compass 2 Campus or sign up through the Compass 2 Campus office- Black hall 204-9.

Mentoring class

  • ECTL 201 M/W/F @noon. Room will be announced later.

Contact information

Dr. Janet Spybrook-  Director
Dr. Susana Flores-  Faculty Advisors
Dr. Janet Finke – Faculty/ Professor
Compass 2 Campus