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Tuition Assistance Fact Sheet

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GoArmyEd New Account Set-Up Steps:

1.      Create a Base-Soldier account.

2.      Attend GoArmyEd 101.

3.      Complete and Submit the GoArmyEd VIA assessment by clicking on the "request TA Access" smart link (once submitted your TA access request will be sent to an education counselor via a helpdesk case for approval).

4.      Complete and Submit the GoArmyEd Common Application.

5.      Once your TA access is approved check with your school for admission requirements.

6.      Now you're ready to request TA for your classes.


Recoupment You Will Repay TA in any of the Following Situations:

1.      A grade of “D” or lower for any undergraduate-level course.

2.      A grade of "C or D" or lower for any course taken while pursuing a graduate degree.

3.      A final grade of "F".

4.      A grade of Incomplete (I) if not successfully completed within 120 days of the class end date.

5.      Drop/Withdrawal from a course for a personal reason after drop date.

(NOTE: Instructions to resolve recoupment holds are sent via e-mail to your AKO email account or the preferred email address selected in GAE. As soon as instructions have been followed, the hold will be lifted from your GAE account).

6.      A Military Withdrawal waives financial responsibility but requires written approval of the Unit Commander and Battalion Commander or 1st LTC in chain of command to be submitted to eFile within 30 days of the withdrawal request.

(NOTE: Military Withdrawal does not mean that school will issue a "W" grade; schools may issue failing grade based on their policies and that grade will appear on your official transcript).

7.      Acceptable reasons for Military Withdrawal are:

a.      Unanticipated Military Duties

b.      Illness

c.      Unanticipated Hospitalization

d.      Emergency Leave

e.      Other unanticipated situations considered on a case-by-case basis

Non-traditional sources of credit: (check with your college for transfer acceptance policy.)

  • JST - Joint Service Transcript is a transcript of a Soldier's military education, training, and experience with college credit recommendations developed by the American Council on Education (ACE).
  • Credit by Exam (CLEP/DSST and Excelsior Exam - Receive college credit by demonstrating competence in undergraduate college courses by passing nationally recognized exams; credit may be applied for promotion points.  See an ACES Counselor for more information on free testing and study materials.


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Contact the JBLM Education Center

Stone Education Center Phone: (253) 967-7174 / DSN: 357.7174 / Fax: (253) 967-2207 / OSN: 357-2207

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6242 Colorado Ave,
Joint Base Lewis-McChord, WA 98433
Phone: 509-963-1210