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Student Accounts

I'm a student, how do I get my account?

In order use your account you must first set the password to your account. You will need to have the following information: Your student ID number and your 4-digit REGI PIN. You will need to start up a web browser. If you need help getting started, the Student Assistants in the labs or the Computing Support Services Helpdesk at 963-2001 will be glad to help you.

You may fill out an online form if you have the above information.

Example ​Output

Password change successful

Login username:SimpsonH
Login context:S.Students.CWU
GroupWise login / address:SimpsonH
Internet e-mail


If you require your distinguished name for dial-in or ResNet registration, append your login context to your login name and prepend a '.' (ex: .SimpsonH.S.Students.CWU)