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Information Services

Loss Prevention


Title:    Loss Prevention





Rev: 10/31/13



Secure the site and notify Campus police that we are verifying

  1. Investigate to verify if item is really missing
    1. e-mail stakeholders
  1. CSS Technicians
  2. Department that owns missing item
    1. Check Service Center to see if it is in our system and to see if it is in for repair
    2. Contact N&O to have them investigate
    3. Ping the MAC address to see when it was last connected to the network
    4. Check to see who the last user was to log on to the computer

                                    This list of steps must be completed within 1 to 2 hours

  1. If not found, file a formal report with Campus police.
  2. Notify AVP-IS or acting, to investigate possible security compromise.



Have a routine written that notifies IS when the system goes back on the network and requests an IP address.


(AVP-IS or IT Security Lead)

Check with the “owner” to determine if there is any personal data on the system.  Names, SSN, Driver’s License number, credit card numbers, etc.


If there is personal data on the system, take the necessary steps to be in accordance with Washington State Notification Laws SB-6043


Notify hardware and software vendors that computer has been stolen.


Notify local computer stores.


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