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iPhone/NotifyLink Password Change Procedures


Title: iPhone/NotifyLink Password Change Procedures


To provide users with the training necessary to change their Wildcat password within NotifyLink.

NotifyLink is hosted on an off-site server and it does not automatically sync with the Groupwise Server when the Wildcat password is changed.

NotifyLink information must be manually updated by the user or their designee. To keep the user’s CWU account from locking up the user or their designee must:

  1. Change their Wildcat password
  2. Immediately log into the designated Notify Link site which is specified in your original letter from NotifyLink with their old Wildcat password.
  3. ITS recommends that the user bookmark this link for future reference as the Wildcat password expires every 90 days.
  4. ITS further recommends that the user add a task to your Groupwise calendar that includes these instructions a few days prior to when your Wildcat password expires.
  5. Insert and confirm their new Wildcat password in NotifyLink in four places: mail,calendar, contacts, and client web log in.
  6. Click Apply. You only need to click apply once.
  7. Click Log Off.
  8. Your iPhone is now able to connect to the NotifyLink server.
  9. This does not change anything on the iPhone.

NotifyLink Log in Page
To update your password, log in to NotifyLink with your CWU email address and your old
Wildcat password.

NotifyLink Login Window

NotifyLink Navigation Page
Click on accounts

NotifyLink navigation page

NotifyLink Change Password Page
Fill in all the areas circled, then insert and confirm your NEW Wildcat password in the four spaces indicated by the red checkmark.

NotifyLink change password page

Click apply changes ok buttonthen Logout. NotifyLink is now synced with your Groupwise account.