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Information Services

Guest Account Policy


Title: Guest Account Policy



Eff: 21-Jul-2010

Rev: 1-Sep-2010


Define policy for the creation and use of guest accounts.


In order to facilitate access to the Internet while maintaining accountability for guest network activity, accounts will be provided to guests on campus for official CWU business.

The following rules apply to guest accounts:

  • Guests must be on campus for official CWU business. A guest account would be appropriate for an attendee of a conference or meeting. A guest account would not be appropriate for a friend or relative who is on campus for a personal visit. Guest accounts are for guests, not members of the CWU community. Sponsors may not create guest accounts for themselves or for other members of the CWU community for any purpose other than testing.
  • The event sponsor, a faculty or staff member, is responsible for creating guest accounts. A web interface accessible via the portal has been made available for this purpose. ITS staff are not responsible for guest account creation.
  • Student and generic accounts are not permitted to create guest accounts.
  • Information submitted by the sponsor of the guest account must be accurate. Real names and phone numbers must be entered.
  • Guest accounts may not be shared. Each guest must have a unique account.
  • Guest accounts are for short-term use only. The maximum time period is 30 days.
  • Guest accounts will be automatically deleted when they expire, along with any hosts registered to them.


Guest accounts which do not comply with this policy will be deleted without notice. Sponsors of guest accounts who abuse the guest account system will be prohibited from using it.