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Information Services

Guest Access Policy


Title: Guest Access Policy



Eff: 29-Jul-2010

Rev: 16-Aug-2010


Define policy for guest use of the network.


ITS provides limited network access to guests to enable them to connect to services at their company or home institution. The following rules apply to guest use of the CWU network:

  • Guests must be on campus for official CWU business.
  • Authentication via a guest account is required. See PL417.0.
  • Use of the network must be in accordance with the AUP. See PL401.0. Misuse of the network will result in loss of access. Criminal misuse may result in prosecution.
  • No file system storage space or email account will be provided.
  • The preferred connection method is via the open 'cwu-guest' wireless network which does not require host registration or software installation. Traffic on this network is not encrypted at Layer 2; security must be provided by the user at Layer 3. This network has access to the CWU internal network similar to that of an external host on the Internet. Access to the Internet is limited to HTTP/S and VPN.


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