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Your GroupWise E-mail address

A common question asked of the HelpDesk is what e-mail address to use? Any message addressed to any of the following will still get to you:

However there's a difference between internal messages and external messages. When addressing an e-mail internally, you can just use their username (no @...). This is usually what pops up as you start typing in the name in the To field (unless something different got saved in your Frequent Contacts). Messages addressed this way can be tracked through your Sent Items; you'll be able to tell when the message was delivered and when it was opened.

When giving your address to others outside of CWU, just give the address.

The confusion arises with the address. Technically this should be considered an external (internet) address but GroupWise treats it as an internal address, meaning you can track it. However some people have given this address to outside users and, on occasion, experienced difficulty receiving mail.


Page last updated 01/04/12.