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ITS Training

What's New in GroupWise 12.0?

Type: Recommended.

Delivery method:  Demonstration or Workshop Demonstration icon.

Length: One hour.

Experience level:  Intermediate; for those with some experience Intermediate iconIntermediate icon.

Description:  The GroupWise upgrade for PC users includes some minor changes to appearance, time-saving changes to email, several changes to the calendar and other changes such as SMS texting and a better integration with Windows 7.

Prerequisites: The basics of GroupWise and Windows.

Online options: View and print the handout. You can also view a previously recorded online class.

If you are interested in this class but don't see it on the class schedule, please fill out the registration form and indicate you'd like to be on the wait list in the memo field at the bottom of the form.


Page last updated 06/25/13.