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ITS Training

The Proxy Process Explained

"How do I proxy over to another account" and "How do I give proxy access" are two of the most common questions encountered at the ITS Training office. For this reason, we've compiled the following in the hopes of alleviating a very confusing process:

Proxy Access on the PC

Proxy Access on the Mac

Proxy Access on the Web

Or watch the video which covers all three versions!

Notes on Versions

If you are a PC user and unsure as to what version of GroupWise you are using,

  • Open your GroupWise program.
  • Click on Help, About GroupWise.

The following window for the new version of GroupWise appears:

About GroupWise

If you are on a Mac,

  • Click on GroupWise and select About GroupWise.

The web version of GroupWise is 12.