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Proxy Access on the Web


There are two parts to proxy access:

  1. First, access must be granted and rights assigned. This is a security issue and must be done by the person whose account will be accessed. For example, employee A wishes to have access to employee B's calendar. Employee B must go into his or her security settings and allow access for employee A.
  2. After access has been granted, that access must then be retrieved. In the example above, employee A has to use the Proxy option from the File menu and add employee B to his/her proxy list.

Give Access To O​thers

You can give others access to your calendar, as well as your to your mailbox.

  • Log into GroupWise on the Web as usual.

  • Click on the tools button at the top right and select Options from the menu that appears.

  • Click on the Proxy Access tab.

proxy access tab

Setting Indivi​dual Access

To give someone access to your account:

  • Click on the Add Entry button.

add proxy access

Enter the name of the person to whom you want to give access in the Name field, or click on the Address Selector button to the right of the field to select names directly from the address book.

Tip: There are several people on campus who are listed more than once in the address book, or have the same name as others. We recommend that you use the address book to select names when granting proxy access.

With the new person's name in the Name field, you'll next want to specify their rights,

  • Click in the appropriate boxes for Read and Write Access.

Read access gives someone the ability to just read whatever you select.  They cannot change anything.

Write access gives them the ability to write and delete items.  Be cautious when granting someone these complete rights.

  • Click on the Save button.

  • Close the Options window.

Access Someone Else's Account

When you have been given proxy access to someone else's mail and/or calendar, you need to “retrieve” that access.

  • Click on the Proxy button on the toolbar.

  • Click on the person's name in the Proxy List below or enter their name in the Name field (you might need to do a search for their name with the Address Book).

Proxy list

  • Click Login if you've entered a new name.

The other person's account displays in a new window.

As with any GroupWise web account, make sure you use the Logout link at the top to log out of your web session.

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