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ITS Training

Computer Maintenance

Type: Recommended

Delivery method: Demonstration Writing pad to indicate demonstration

Experience level: Intermediate Mouse icon to indicate level one Mouse icon to indicate level 2

Length: 30 minutes

Description: Over time, your PC’s performance can slow down for many reasons. There could be too many user accounts, too many old files, the disk could be fragmented or there may be a spyware infection. Also, when Windows needs to do (or is in the process of installing) updates, your computer can run a little slower. The Windows class is titled "Win 201: PC maintenance."

Macs aren’t as needy as their PC counterparts but they still need to be kept up-to-date, organized, powered down when not in use, and given the opportunity to run their own maintenance scripts. The Mac class is titled "Mac 201: Mac maintenance."

Separate sessions will be held on maintenance tips for PC and Mac users using the latest versions on campus.

Prerequisites: Some familiarity with either Windows or the Mac OS.

If you are interested in this class but don't see it on the HR Calendar, please fill out the wait list form and we'll contact you as soon as we can get the class scheduled.


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