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ITS Training

Excel: Charts & Tables

Type: Professional development.

Delivery method:  Hands-on training Hands-on icon

Experience level:  Intermediate; for those with some experience Intermediate iconIntermediate icon

Length: Two hours (break-time included).

Description:  Many CWU offices use Excel for budgets and other financial applications.  There are additional features in Excel that can make you more productive.  Excel charts can display data from your spreadsheet graphically, which is helpful for presentations.  Excel can also perform basic database functions which may be easier for people to manipulate than an Access database. Excel calls these databases "tables" or "lists" and allow you to organize and analyze information that you already have in a spreadsheet. Separate classes will be held for the Mac and PC versions of Excel as the two are too different to be taught in conjunction.

Prerequisites: Understand the basics of Excel.

Online optionsMicrosoft provides free online training for Excel 2010 (PC) here: and Excel 2011 (Mac) here: with videos and courses. For Excel 2013, (PC) go to: You can view the new features of Excel 2013 with hands-on examples by opening the program and then clicking on the Take a tour icon in the right-hand pane of the window. You can also get free training for Microsoft Office programs for the PC (limited Mac classes) via the Microsoft IT Academy. Instructions for setting up an account, logging on to the Microsoft IT Academy and a class list are available via the My CWU Links menu in MyCWU.

If you are interested in this class but don't see it on the HR Calendar, please fill out the wait list form and we'll contact you as soon as we can get the class scheduled.

Page last updated 04/29/14.