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GroupWise Versions

Often times when people call either the HelpDesk or ITS Training office with a GroupWise question, they are asked the question in return, "What version of GroupWise are you using?" (i.e. web, client on PC, or client on Mac). Often times people don't know the answer to this question so here's how to tell:

The client version is installed locally on all campus computers (Macs and PCs). You get to it directly by either going through the Start menu, All Programs, Novell GroupWise on the PC or through the Applications menu on the Mac. The web version requires you open a browser such as Internet Explorer or Safari first, then navigating to the login page for GroupWise. The client versions for the Mac and the PC have more features than the web version but the web version can be used anywhere without special software (except a browser).

Note: You can elect to install the GroupWise client on your home computer but will also need the VPN client installed for the GroupWise client to work. Contact the HelpDesk at x2001 for assistance with installing the VPN and GroupWise clients.

For most PC users, when they login to their computers, they are automatically logged into GroupWise (this is a Security setting). If you don't have that setup, then GroupWise will prompt you for your username and password with the following window:

GroupWise password

And once logged in, the screen looks like the following:

Main mailbox screen

Most Mac users elect to use the web version of GroupWise and the screen shots are below. However the client version is also available either through the icon on the dock or through the Applications menu.

The login screen for the Mac client looks like the following:

Mac GroupWise password

And once logged in, the screen looks like the following:

Some people get to the web version of GroupWise via the Wildcat Connection (then click on GroupWise Email on the left navigation menu). There are also many links throughout the CWU web siteto Email. However you get there is your preference but if you are logged into the Wildcat Connection, you will not have to re-enter your login information to get to your email.

The login window for GroupWise on the web looks like the following:

Web login

And once logged in, the screen looks like the following:

GroupWise web main screen

Page last updated 04/29/14.