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Filter [SPAM] e-mails using GWWeb

In the continuing effort to fight spam, ITS makes use of a filter on the GroupWise server. Currently there is a list of known spammers that automatically get blocked, but as new spammers arise everyday (sometimes by the minute) and before these new ones can get added to the list, their spam may get through. Also, some mail may not get blocked but allowed through for the end-user to decide whether or not they want it. You'll know these e-mails because the word “Spam” will appear in square “[ ]” brackets in the Subject line of your incoming e-mail. You can choose to simply delete the ones you don't want right away or put a rule on your account to move them to the Trash, thereby giving you 10 days to look in your Trash to see if there's anything you want to retrieve before it's automatically deleted for good.

The following steps demonstrate how to set up a rule to look for these e-mails with [SPAM] in the Subject line and send them to the Trash.

After logging on to GroupWise on the web at,

  • Click on the Tools icon in the upper right corner and select Options from the menu that appears.

In the Options window there are several options across the top.

  • Click on the Rules tab.

In the window that appears,

  • Click on the drop-down arrow in the Type field and select Delete from the list.
  • Click on the Create button.

In the window that appears,

  • Type in a name for the rule in the Rule name field.

In the Define Optional Condition section,

  • Click on the drop down arrow in the first field and select Subject.
  • Click on the second drop down arrow and select Begins With.
  • In the third field, type in the following text (not including quotes): “[SPAM]

Click on the Save button towards the bottom left of the window.

  • Make sure there is a check mark in the box next to the rule you just created in order to run the rule.