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GroupWise Mobile

There are several options for receiving GroupWise mail on your smartphone or iPad:

1. Use the basic web interface: When you open a web browser on your phone, you can navigate to and use the basic interface when logging in. It is all text based but provides limited functionality. With the upgrade to GroupWise 12, iPad users will have more functionality.

2. Use a forward rule to have your GroupWise mail sent to another account that you get on your phone. Instructions for setting this up are under FAQ #4 here: Forwarding E-mail to another account

3. Purchase the app. Look on your phone's App Store (iPhone) or Marketplace (android) for the GW Mail for around $10. This is a one-time purchase. You can also purchase the GW Calendar seperately for another $5. After installation, you will be prompted for your Wildcat username and password and a URL which is

4. Get the Mobility Pak. This is an annual subscription and the price varies. Information on options for mobile devices can be found here: You can also contact the HelpDesk at x2001 for more information and/or setup.