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ITS Training

GroupWise For All Users

Each page has an Adobe icon at the bottom that will produce a PDF version of the page. You can also request that a PDF file be emailed to you by contacting the CWU Professional Development & Training team at x2392 or email

GWWeb can be accessed at

GroupWise 12 on the web

What's New in GroupWise 12 on the web? Watch the video to see the new features of GroupWise on the Web.

GroupWise 12 QuickStart on the web - A brief overview of GroupWise features including creating and sending e-mail, filing messages, adding appointments and tasks to your own calendar, and using Busy Search to create appointments with others.

GroupWise 12 Email on the web - Covers logging on, creating mail, using the address book, managing contacts, e-mail options such as composing phone messages or messages in HTML, as well as managing your inbox with a filing system. 

GroupWise 12 Calendar on the web -  Getting to and navigating the calendar, creating posted appointments, creating meetings and using busy search to do so, creating posted notes and tasks, sending notes and tasks to others, repetitive items, and printing the calendar.

GroupWise 12 Rules on the web -  How rules work, samples of vacation, forward, and move to folder rules, editing, deleting, etc.