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Forward rule - Mac

The following are instructions for setting up a rule using the GroupWise client (locally installed program) on a Mac to forward mail to another e-mail account. 

  • Click on Tools, Rules, then the New button.

The New Rule window displays.

New rule

Enter a rule name, this is for reference only.

  • In the When even is section, make sure New Item is selected and the Received box is checked.

  • Leave all of the Item types boxes unchecked as it will then affect all types.

  • Click on the Add Action button at the bottom.

  • Select Forward from the list.

The following window appears.


  • Enter your forwarding email address in the To field.
  • Click OK to return to the Rules window.

Optional: If you want to delete your mail out of GroupWise after it's been forwarded, proceed with the following steps. Otherwise continue at the screen shot below.

  • Click on Add Action again.

  • Select Delete/Decline to make sure forwarded mail is deleted out of GroupWise afterwards.

  • Enter a comment in the window that appears or leave it empty then click on OK.

 A sample screen would look like the following:

Sample rule

  • Click on Save.

Back in Rules window, the rule name should be checked, if not click on Enable.

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