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Quick Tip for Creating Groups in GroupWise

If you find yourself sending messages to the same group of people frequently, save yourself the time of retyping their addresses in the mail message every time by creating a group. This way you only have to type in the group name (or select it from your address book).

If you've already sent a message once to this group, you can use that Sent Item to create the group name. The following process works for both PC and Mac clients.

  • Go to your Sent Items folder.
  • Locate the message you've already sent and click on it to select it.
  • Click on the Actions menu and select Resend.

The original message appears.

  • Click on the Address button.

The Address Selector appears with the list of recipients in the right pane of the window.

  • Click on the Save Group button at the bottom.

Note: The Mac client wil automatically choose to save the group in your Frequent Contacts address book. The PC client will pop up with a list of books to choose from. If you are using the Mac client and want the group saved into another book, click on the black arrow next the Save Group button to see the list of available books.

A new group window appears with the Members section filled in.

  • Give your group a name and Save.

Tip: If you haven't sent a message to the group but have already typed their addresses in and know you will be sending to them again, click that Address button to bring up the Address Selector and Save Group.

For more on address book functions, please visit the GroupWise Help pages on the left navigation menu.