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ITS Training

Campus Solutions Class Descriptions

These classes provide specific training in the different functions of the Campus Solutions System and related applications. Based on your job duties, you may take one or all of the classes listed below.

Please click on a specific class name below for class descriptions:


CS102: Faculty Campus Solutions Training

SA End Users:

Attendees include academic department secretaries, program and office assistants who have general view and inquire access. (Faculty members should register for the class listed above in the Faculty section.)

SYS101: Introduction to MyCWU and the Administrative Systems

VAC101: Viewing Advisor Center

VSD101: Viewing Student Data

FIN101: Viewing Students' Financial Data

ADM101: Viewing Admissions Information for Department Users

REC102: Understanding the Course Catalog and Schedule of Classes

REC103: Running a Query in Campus Solutions or Human Resources

REC201: Entering Advisors, Plans and SubPlans

REC202: Entering Grades

REC203: Putting Students into Student Groups